About 15 years ago, the options for fabricating some metal parts were limited. In truth, there was essentially just one choice: traditional machining. It may not have been a particularly cost-effective method, with the complexity of the part’s geometry requiring long machining times…

Why MIM?

The advantages of the metal injection molding process lie in its capability to produce mechanical properties…


MIM offers a design flexibility equivalent to Plastic Injection Molding. Complicated parts which have cross holes, angle holes, splines, undercuts…

We Work

Tooling provides a mold cavity that compliments the finished part & is similar to that used in plastic injection molding including slides…


Steering Columns (actuators, ignition lock components), Sun Roofs (stop cams), Seating Mechanisms, Solenoids, Fuel Injectors…


“We are the partner of Meta MIM since last 10 years and we are really happy and satisfied with the machinery parts and services offered by them for metal injection modeling.”
– Mr Jitendra Shrivastav, Mumbai, India